iOS Best Productivity Apps

Apple’s iPad and iPhone continue to gain popularity with consumers across the world. And Apple’s apps have earned an excellent position in the market because of the security, reliability and exclusivity it offers. Experts also believe that with Apple’s innovated products and services, it will soon capture office interfaces just like Microsoft. Meanwhile, let’s have a look of some of Apple’s productivity apps for iPhones and iPads.


Sunrise is a calendar app that is way beyond your phone’s standard calendar. The app has features that are more than just scheduling, like everyday weather forecasts, keeping up on Facebook events and birthdays, map checking for specific events, and messaging important people through the app if you’re running late for an event.


An intuitive app that displays information based on your current location. Just by opening the app, you’ll find all the information needed about restaurants nearby, morning traffic, trending stories, and weather forecasts based on the information that Grokr catches from your location and social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, the app delivers resources and top-of-the-hour news that you’re likely to look for. Overall, Grokr is an excellent app to keep you company with your day-to-day life.


Mailbox will help you organize, receive and send emails quicker. This app tracks your email through its cloud feature and brings it instantly to your phone’s mail box. You’ll receive secured email and push notifications within seconds. Also, it helps you in keeping your inbox well-organized and clutter-free. For you to have your own Mailbox account, you may be required to wait for a week to activate and start enjoying the app’s benefits. Nevertheless, the app’s embedded features are definitely worth the wait.